Intelligence cycle

Print Intelligence Analysis in a Cycle Analysis resides within the larger intelligence cycle. The intelligence cycle determines the daily activities of the Intelligence Community.

Intelligence cycle

Intelligence cycle

Collection[ edit ] In response to requirements, an intelligence staff develops an intelligence collection plan applying available sources and methods and seeking intelligence from other agencies.

Processing[ edit ] Once the collection plan is executed and information arrives, it is processed for exploitation. This involves the translation of raw intelligence materials from a foreign language, evaluation of relevance and reliability, and collation of the raw intelligence in preparation for exploitation.

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Analysis[ edit ] Analysis establishes the significance and implications of processed intelligence, integrates it by combining disparate pieces of information to identify collateral information and patterns, then interprets the significance of any newly developed knowledge.

Dissemination[ edit ] Finished intelligence products take many forms depending on the needs of the decision maker and reporting requirements. The level of urgency of various types of intelligence is typically established by an intelligence organization or community. Feedback[ edit ] The intelligence cycle is a closed loop; feedback is received from the decision maker and revised requirements issued.The Intelligence Cycle is a process used by Analysts to create Intelligence.

Intelligence Analysts use the Intelligence Cycle to answer Intelligence Requirements by collecting information, analysing and interpreting it, then providing assessments and recommendations.

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The traditional Intelligence cycle is the fundamental cycle of intelligence processing in a civilian or military intelligence agency or in law enforcement as a closed path consisting of repeating nodes.

The stages of the intelligence cycle include the issuance of requirements by decision makers. Mar 23,  · The Intelligence Cycle When we’re tasked with a specific project, we follow a five-step process called the Intelligence Cycle. This process ensures we do our job correctly as we work through a system of checks and balances.

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Testing the Intelligence Cycle Through Systems Modeling and Simulation. Judith Meister Johnston Rob Johnston. Throughout the Intelligence Community, the process of analysis is represented conventionally by a model known as .

Intelligence cycle management refers to the overall activity of guiding the intelligence cycle, which is a set of processes used to provide decision-useful information (intelligence) to leaders.

The cycle consists of several processes, including planning and direction (the focus of this article), collection, processing and exploitation.

The 6 Steps in the Intelligence Cycle Step # 1 PLANNING AND DIRECTION: Establish the consumer’s intelligence requirements and plan intelligence activities accordingly.

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